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Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to enjoy a sunny day from the comfort of your Aspen property’s patio without having to sweat and squint your eyes? With a sun shade sail, any place outside can be transformed into a shady spot where people in Aspen are protected from direct UV rays. Shade sails are becoming more and more popular because of how versatile they are for installation anywhere, meaning shading opportunities are no longer limited to the shadow of a structure. American Awning Company can design and install a sun shade sail to create comfortability on sunny days for Aspen homes and businesses.

Places in Aspen to Protect with Sun Shade Sails

  • Courtyards – stylishly create shade for common areas at apartments
  • Pool Areas – provide sun protection while swimming and tanning
  • Gardens – provide coverage for sun-sensitive plants in Aspen
  • Playgrounds – create shade for children and keep playsets cool
  • Carports - cover cars so they stay cool while parked
  • Walkways – shade sail installation adds sun protection and a sleek look
  • Decks/Patios – shade sails are a sleek alternative to traditional porch covers
  • Stadiums – shade large sections of spectator seating
  • Churches – create shade for outdoor worship areas in Aspen
  • Parks – shade sails provide coverage to picnic spots

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Why Choose A Shade Sail to Block the Aspen Sun?

When Aspen property owners choose to go through with a shade sail installation rather than have a canopy or awning put up, it’s because they want to capitalize on their investment. They figure if they are going to be paying for a sun shade sail, they might as well make it work in the space as many ways as possible. Not only are shade sails the latest trend in Aspen for blocking UV rays; they also double as aesthetic architecture with their angular design and pop of color. Sun shade sails can be artistically arranged at an Aspen property to add ambiance and elegance and catch the eye of people visiting a home or establishment.

Free Quotes for Shade Sail Installation in Aspen

When there is a need for shade at a residential or commercial property in Aspen, why settle for conventional covers and awnings? Shade sail installation helps protect from the sun but also adds property value to homes or marketability to businesses in Aspen. Shade sails not only look fantastic in a space, but they work well too, protecting people in Aspen from being too hot or getting sunburned. Give us a call to talk more about shade sail installation, and we can set up a time for a free estimate in Aspen.

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