Patio Cover & Enclosure Design, Installation & Replacement in Lakewood, CO

Many places in Lakewood have outdoor spaces that are not utilized enough because unstable weather patterns deter people from using their porches or patios. However, what if there was a way to capitalize on the exterior parts of properties in Lakewood by covering them so they can be used year-round? That is where the services of the staff at American Awning Company come into play. We design patio covers and patio enclosures for homes and businesses in Lakewood so owners can expand to outside areas and don’t have to waste any prime real estate.

The Benefits of Covering a Patio at a Lakewood Property

Just like window and door awnings are made to minimize sunlight streaming into a Denver building, our patio covers are designed with coverage in mind to keep people out of the sun while they enjoy outdoor spaces. Many people in Lakewood have patio covers installed to make it more pleasant to be outside. Patio enclosures take it to the next level, offering increased protection from exposure with sides that completely cover the area. There is year-round climate control with patio enclosures because they keep out not only sun but also rain, snow, and wind. By keeping helping to stabilize the temperature within a home or business, patio enclosures can also help lower energy bills for a Lakewood building.

Designing Patio Enclosures and Covers for Spaces in Lakewood

There are many options for patio cover design when you work with Lakewood’s American Awning Company. You tell us if you want a patio cover made of fabric, metal, glass, wood, or aluminum, and we will customize that material to perfectly match the shading style you want for your home. We can customize patio enclosures to have doors, windows, or whatever architectural elements our Lakewood clients want. Our fabrication facility has a large inventory of colors and patterns to choose from, and each patio cover and enclosure is designed with dimensions taken during the inspection of the Lakewood home or business. Our installation experts also work quickly and efficiently on all jobs in Lakewood so residents can start enjoying the protections provided by their new patio cover or patio enclosure.

Free Estimates in Lakewood for Patio Cover Products

If you have a patio area at your Lakewood property that you don’t use as much as you’d like, it may be because the sun is a deterrent, and the answer is having a patio cover or patio enclosure installed. American Awning Company has experts on staff to design patio covers of all styles to shade spaces at Lakewood homes and businesses. We offer free quotes to anyone in Lakewood who is considering a patio enclosure for their property, so give us a call today to set up an inspection.

If you're looking for a quality awning, shade sail, or patio cover for your Denver-area home or business, choose American Awning!


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