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Awnings are designed to protect occupants and inhabitants from outside forces like sun, snow, and everything in between.


One of our most popular products are patio covers, because solar protection is significantly and essentially important outside.


One of the latest trends for sun shade are sails erected above an area in for an aesthetic alternative to traditional awnings.

While the 300 days of sunshine that Denver gets each year is a huge benefit to living in the metro area, the sun’s rays beating down on you while trying to relax is not always ideal. That is why there are things like awnings, patio covers, and shade sails - so Denver home and business owners can enjoy the sunshine without subjecting themselves to intense UV rays. Our awning company has been serving Colorado and parts of Nebraska and Wyoming for almost 50 years, bringing comfortability to indoor as well as outdoor spaces with our awnings, patio covers, and shade sails. American Awning Company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is family owned as well as operated, so you can place your trust in us when you want to add awnings to your Denver property.

All Kinds of Awnings in Denver

There are many kinds of spaces that need shading, so our awning company has a wide variety of products to cover all bases and add awnings to any area of a Denver home or business. We have a great selection of residential awnings for Denver homeowners that want to be comfortable in and or outside their properties. Also, for business owners in Denver who want to add shade to their storefronts or cover the outdoor dining areas of their restaurants, awnings are a great way to accomplish that as well. Awnings can also play a marketing role and double as advertising space for a business. We have a large selection of colors and fabrics to choose from, as well as temporary, removable, and retractable awnings for Denver spaces.

Staying Shaded at Denver Properties

Besides the traditional overhead awning, there are a few other products our Denver awning company carries to provide various degrees of protection from the elements to all kinds of areas. We can install patio covers at Denver residences to enclose a space and not only keep out harsh sunlight, but also snow, wind, and bugs. Shade sails are a popular alternative to awnings for play areas and backyard seating at Denver properties, as colorful and custom-shaped shade sails are not only functional, but add a design element to a space as well. Businesses in Denver often have removable vestibules to cover doorways and walkways, as well as patio covers so that they can utilize exterior space while simultaneously protecting diners.

Quality Awning Company Serving Denver

When elements like sunlight and snow are affecting the comfortability of your Denver space, place a call to American Awning Company. Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide which product is best for the protection you seek: awnings, patio covers, or shade sails. Our products are high quality and allow customers to control the colors, fabrics, and specifications to create the exact setup for shade and coverage they envision. Give us a call today for more information regarding awnings for your Denver residential or commercial property, we can even provide you with a free quote.

If you're looking for a quality awning, shade sail, or patio cover for your Denver-area home or business, choose American Awning!


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