Surface Mount Shade Sail System in Denver, CO: Sun Shade Sail Installation


At American Awning, our dedicated team specializes in offering surface mounted shade sail systems, a truly revolutionary solution to counteract the relentless glare of the sun. We understand the value of providing protection from sun exposure without resorting to the typically intrusive demolition processes needed for traditional installations. Our shade sail solution is ingeniously designed to only require a concrete slab for installation. This aspect not only simplifies the installation process, but also vastly expands the range of potential installation sites, including those spaces where other shade alternatives might not be the best option.

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Get the Most Out of Your Commercial Property

Our surface mounted shade sail is constructed with durable, UV resistant fabric to ensure it withstands environmental elements and frequent use. It can also be designed and personalized to fit any set structure, size, and color scheme to match the establishment’s branding or decor. In an HOA community pool setting, our sun shade sail provides a much needed respite from the sun, enhancing comfort for pool goers and potentially extending the time they spend in the pool area. Our shade sail can also be extended to schools, as it creates a safe and comfortable outdoor learning or play setting by providing relief from the harsh midday sun and helps in protecting from harmful UV rays. In corporate and commercial facilities, it adds aesthetic value and could potentially reduce energy costs by lessening the reliance on air conditioning.

Give Your Home the Shade it Deserves With Our Shade Sail Installation

Our shade sail installation is a perfect solution for residential areas. With its flexibility in design and installation, it can easily be mounted in any space, whether in backyards, patios, or pool sides. Each sun shade sail can be conveniently fastened onto poles, or any secure structure, offering targeted sun protection to specific areas in your home. Furthermore, it’s tailored to meet your specific needs, including being cut and angled to your exact specifications for a truly personalized touch. Units can also be added onto it in the future if you want to add more or want to add side panels on in the future. If you’re interested in a surface mount shade sail, you can schedule a consultation for $95, which’ll be applied to your cost if you decide to go forward with an installation or replacement. With our shade sail replacement or installation at American Awning, you can achieve a beautiful, efficient, and customized shade solution that perfectly fits your residential area.

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