Fabric, Metal, Fiberglass & More Awning Types Available by American Awning in Denver, CO

Awnings are a great way to shade a Denver building and provide sun coverage while also adding a visual element or increasing property value. There is a wide range of awning products we work with and we custom-make each setup to ensure that it will fit perfectly at a Denver home or business. American Awning company can design and install any kind of awning above any kind of area that Denver property owners would like protected from UV rays and inclement weather. Let us show you the wide range of options for awnings for both homes and commercial properties in Denver.

What Are All the Awning Types Available in Denver?

  • Window – Traditional awnings above windows block direct sunlight from coming inside. Drop shades can also be installed on windows for more customizable shading.
  • Doorway – An awning over a doorway creates shade and shields against the elements as people enter or exit a building. A removable vestibule adds sides to an overhead awning for additional protection in Denver.
  • Porch- Cover outdoor areas so they can be better enjoyed with an overhead awning for a deck. Porch enclosures are a more intensive option for Denver homes that keep bugs out and help maintain warmth.
  • Freestanding – There does not even need to be a structure nearby to erect an awning; we can put them on poles. Shade sails are the latest trend for having shade in the middle of a yard in Denver or over playgrounds and park picnic areas.

Custom-made Awnings for Denver Homes and Businesses

Our company has a large fabrication facility where our staff works with precision and attention to detail to put together awnings ordered by our Denver area customers. But before they can work on sewing and fabrication, they need a design rendering, which we create under the guidance of our Denver customers. We have extensive options in terms of colors and patterns as well as many material types to choose from, including fabric, metal, aluminum, wood, glass, and stone. If you are not sure what you’d like or what would be best at your Denver property, we can help you decide as we have been in business almost 50 years and seen all kinds of spaces and situations.

Awning Company in Denver with All Kinds of Awnings

When you work with American Awning Company, you can feel confident that your Denver establishment will be equipped with the exact awnings you envisioned. With our wide variety of design options to choose from and the various frame styles that we offer, to the tailor making of awnings at our Denver fabrication facility, we work to make sure each client is utterly satisfied with the shade setup we install. Give us a call today to learn more about all the types of awnings available for Denver homes and businesses.

If you're looking for a quality awning, shade sail, or patio cover for your Denver-area home or business, choose American Awning!


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