Residential Patio Cover Design, Installation & Replacement in Denver, CO

Many residents in Denver have great yards that do not get the attention or appreciation they deserve because they aren’t built to accommodate the elements. There is a quick fix that will enable the exterior of Denver homes to be utilized regardless of meteorological conditions, and that is with a patio cover. Hiring American Awning Company for patio cover design and installation means a Denver residence will reap the benefits of added living space and its occupants will enjoy being able to be outdoors comfortably.

Patio Covers to Enjoy the Outdoors in Denver All Year Long

One of the main reasons people love Denver is that it has four seasons to enjoy, but a lot of the time the volatility of the seasons means they must be enjoyed from the inside looking out. However, you do not have to sacrifice being outdoors just because of temperature changes if you have a patio cover. We have products in Denver like awnings and drop screens that we design to cover patios from glaring sunlight and harmful UV rays. We also have enclosures for patios that cover the sides as well, allowing exterior spaces to be used in the winter without the intrusion of snow or rainfall. Some of our patio covers are removable or retractable so you can adjust them accordingly as the temperature varies in Denver.

Residential Patio Cover Design and Installation Services in Denver

There are many options for patio cover design when you work with American Awning Company. You tell us if you want an awning made of fabric, metal, glass, wood, or aluminum, and we will customize that material to exactly the shading style you want for your home. Our fabrication facility has a large inventory of colors and patterns to choose from, and each patio cover is designed with the dimensions we take during the inspection phase at homes in Denver. Our installation experts also work quickly and efficiently on all jobs in Denver so residents can start enjoying the protections provided by their patio covers.

Get a Free Quote in Denver for Patio Cover Design

If you have great yard space in Denver, but find yourself not using it enough, a patio cover may make all the difference. Adding a patio cover turns a slab of exterior concrete into a nice shaded outdoor seating area at your Denver home that can be enjoyed regardless of the weather. American Awning Company has been providing patio cover design and installation services to the Denver area for almost 50 years and can provide a free quote for a patio cover at your residence. Give us a call today, and we will send a patio cover expert out to do a no-cost inspection and provide you with an estimate.

If you're looking for a quality awning, shade sail, or patio cover for your Denver-area home or business, choose American Awning!


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