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When most people in Denver think of awnings, they probably picture the canvas canopies that adorn windows and doorways, but at American Awning Company, we are proud to offer more than just that. One of our most popular products are patio covers, because sun protection is just as important outside as it is for a Denver building’s interior, if not more so. Having a yard or exterior living space is a luxury, and when you hire us for patio cover installation in Denver, we can help you make the most of your outdoor areas.

Benefits of a Patio Cover Installation for Denver Properties

Just like window and door awnings are made to minimize sunlight streaming into a Denver building, our patio cover designs keep coverage in mind, keeping people out of the sun while they enjoy outdoor spaces. Blocking sunlight using a patio cover installation is a smart idea for two reasons: not only is it dangerous for skin to be exposed to direct UV rays, it is uncomfortable! It is hard to enjoy nice warm weather if you have to squint your eyes and are sweating, so many people in Denver opt for patio cover installation so they can shade themselves from sunlight. Our patio cover installations have afforded Denver residents and employees to take full advantage of their outdoor areas by making them more comfortable. And depending on which type of patio cover design a client chooses, they can have year-round protection from elements because patio covers make sitting outside possible in Denver no matter what the weather.

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Different Patio Cover Designs Available in Denver

  • Residential patio cover – We have performed patio cover installation at many Denver area homes and businesses, allowing them to use their decks and patios without being bothered by the sun.
  • Commercial patio cover – Our company can also design patio covers that are tailored to businesses, such as awnings, for outdoor dining space at restaurants, bars, and cafes.
  • Patio enclosure – In addition to overhead awnings, we can design a patio cover that has sides to it for the feel of a screened-in porch.
  • Pergola- We also design patio covers for places not attached to a building, where we can create a shading structure over open areas in Denver.
  • Drop Shade- We can also design awnings that include retractable shades that move with the sun, for a more customizable patio cover.

Free Quotes for Denver Patio Cover Installation

If you have a patio area at your Denver property that you don’t use as much as you’d like, it may be because the sun is a deterrent, and the answer is having a patio cover installed. American Awning Company has experts on staff to design patio covers to shade any space at both homes and businesses in Denver. We offer free quotes to anyone in Denver who is considering a patio cover for their property, so give us a call today to set up an inspection.

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