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Surface Mountain Shade Sail System in Denver, CO: Commercial Pergola Installation

At American Awning, we take immense pride in being a well reputed awning company with a vast history of delivering superior quality products and services. Among our range of offerings, our custom made pergolas and incomparable shade sails stand out as our customer favorites. Whether you're in search of a brand new shade sail installation to enhance your outdoor space or you're looking to replace an existing structure, we've got all your needs covered. Our team at American Awning is dedicated to providing the best solutions that combine practical functionality and aesthetic beauty to turn your outdoor space into a charming and comfortable commercial area.

Learn More About Our Sun Shade Sail’s Durability

Our shade sails are top class and renowned for their superior quality. They’re constructed with exceptional and long lasting material that’s highly UV resistant, providing maximum protection against harmful sun rays. This quality makes them ideal for outdoor spaces like gardens, playgrounds, patios, and pool areas where strong sun exposure is common. What sets our sun shade sails apart from others in the market is their bespoke design flexibility. They can be custom cut, angled, and crafted to meet your specific needs and the unique dimensions of your space. Our products aren't just functional, they're also designed with practical installation in mind. There's absolutely no need for any daunting demolition work. The shade sail installation process is highly straightforward and requires only an existing slab of concrete for successful completion.

Quality Products You’ll Love

Our surface mount shade sail stands above the rest, due to our innovative installation process. Where most manufacturers face challenges, we thrive, managing to successfully install our high quality pergolas even in seemingly complex environments. We have honed in on an installation technique that is as efficient as it is versatile, allowing us to seamlessly fit our pergolas in various spaces. However, our capabilities extend beyond simple installation. We offer a wide variety in our product range that includes numerous patterns, colors, and frame styles. For those seeking further customization options, our surface mount shade sail can accommodate added features such as side panels or other attached shade sails. Let your new shade sail embody your brand and enhance the look and feel of your establishment.

Get a Quote for Our Shade Solutions

If you are interested in having awnings, shade sails, or a patio cover installed at your property, we are the ones to call. American Awning has more than 50 years of experience providing sun protection products for properties, so you can feel confident that we will create a shade setup that is perfect for your property. Give us a call today to find out more about our products and to receive a free quote regarding installation.

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