Residential & Commercial Retractable Awning Design, Installation & Replacement in Boulder, CO

At American Awning Company, we are proud to offer more than just standard stationary awnings. One of our most popular products among Boulder property owners are our retractable awnings, because sun protection is at its finest when it is completely controllable. With the Boulder climate being so volatile, retractable awnings are a wise investment because they can adjust with the weather patterns. Having a yard or exterior living space in Boulder is a luxury, but because sometimes the town experiences four seasons in one day, it can be hard to enjoy. But with a retractable awning, the weather can go from sunny to rainy and you will still remain protected from the elements.

Retractable Awnings for Bad Weather in Boulder

Because Boulder experiences every point on the weather spectrum, homeowners must keep track of things around their property that are seasonal. Traditional awnings in Boulder require removal and stowing away during the winter months, spring monsoons and summer downpours, but not retractable awnings. This kind of shading system is designed to be able to retract the awnings, averting the need for a full-on removal from a wall or patio. Once the inclement weather in Boulder dissipates, a retractable awning can be back up and providing shade again in no time. Our retractable awnings can have a hand-crank or be motorized and controlled with a switch or another device, so no matter what setup you envision, we can help create and install it.

Add Property Value in Boulder with Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings can add property value to Boulder properties adorned with them because they are a sought-after amenity. Being able to control coverage with the press of a button or crank of a lever is a very convenient feature that allows people in Boulder to better enjoy the outdoors. With a retractable awning at your Boulder home, you can sit on your porch and enjoy the entire evening, retracting the awning to move with the sun so it’s never in your eyes, regardless of where it is in the sky. The same can be done with retractable awnings at places like Boulder restaurants, where diners may pass up on outdoor seating during bright times of the day, but a retractable awning ensures they will be comfortable no matter what time they eat.

Free Estimates for Retractable Awnings in Boulder

Do you wish you could enjoy the sunshine at your Boulder home without having to move every time the sun’s position changes? Have you delayed having awnings installed because you don’t want to deal with the hassle of removing them every season? If so, retractable awnings are the solution for your Boulder property. Our retractable awnings provide shade and coverage that can retract or detract in an instant and can be custom-made to fit the feel of any building in Boulder. Give us a call today, and we can set up an inspection to provide you with a free quote for retractable awnings.

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