Sun Shade Sail Design, Installation & Replacement in Lakewood, CO

More and more properties in the Lakewood area are turning to sun shade sails as an alternative to awnings, umbrellas, or canopies for blocking the sun’s rays. Shade sails are a sleek way to cover an outdoor area while also adding a touch of modern design to a residence or business in Lakewood. American Awning Company has a line of quality shade sails that are durable for Colorado weather and can be installed virtually on any property in Lakewood by our expert staff. Hiring our family-owned business for shade sail installation can dramatically change the temperature and look of an exterior space in Lakewood.

Installing Shade Sails at Properties in Lakewood

Because sun shade sails are adaptable to fly and flow from basically anywhere, they can cover more than just a patio or porch, as a typical awning can. Shade sails can be placed over whatever Lakewood property owners want to be covered because they can be fastened onto things like trees, fences, or mounted to poles.  For homes in Lakewood, we can install shade sails over pool areas and playsets to shade children, over areas like stables or dog runs to keep animals cool, or over driveways to shade cars or boats. When it comes to Lakewood commercial establishments, we can add shade sail installations that can cover a courtyard or exterior eating areas to create a shaded space outside for patrons.

Places in Lakewood to Protect with Sun Shade Sails

  • Courtyards – stylishly create shade for common areas at apartments
  • Pool Areas – provide sun protection while swimming and tanning
  • Gardens – provide coverage for sun-sensitive plants in Lakewood
  • Playgrounds – create shade for children and keep playsets cool
  • Carport - cover cars so they stay cool while parked
  • Walkways – shade sail installation adds sun protection and a sleek look
  • Decks/Patios – shade sails are a sleek alternative to traditional porch covers
  • Stadiums – shade large sections of spectator seating
  • Churches – create shade for outdoor worship areas in Lakewood

Free Estimates in Lakewood for Quality Sun Shade Sails

Our company is proud to be a family-owned and operated business in Lakewood that places great value on customer service. We offer the ability to Contact For Quote on what sun shade installation would cost so you can be equipped with all the numbers before deciding if a shade sail is what you want for your Lakewood home or business. We can design just about any style of sun shade sail from our wide range of materials, colors, and patterns. Give us a call today for more information about our Lakewood shade sail installation services.

If you're looking for a quality awning, shade sail, or patio cover for your Denver-area home or business, choose American Awning!


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